Seems members of Quebec Solidaire have published precise plans for the NDP moving forward ... connect the dots !

After the elections, what way forward for Quebec solidaire and the NDP ?

The NDP base and Mme Turmel herself might be trying to deny and distance themselves from the QS infiltration as the left wing NDP Quebec ... but members of Quebec Solidaire have published precise plans for the NDP base moving forward and seem to think that they - the QS - are in fact calling the shots ... particularly on the issue of 'federalism' ... and certainly the NDP proper are well aware of the division within their own party - but did they know 

There can be no disputing the fact that Nycole Turmel as well as other newly-elected NDP MPs in Quebec are in fact backed by Quebec Solidaire - Mme Turmel endorsed the provincial party as a member of the BLOC in 2007 : 
  1. Nycole Turmel comes out in support of Quebec Solidaire - 2007 
  2. http://wLe Conseil Central du Montreal-metropolitain (csn) appuie quebec solidaire
  3. 2011 - QS member, CUPE unionist Alexandre Boulerice, was elected in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie under the NDP banner. 
  4. 2011 - NDP MP Mathieu Ravignat Pontiac QC ran as a candidate for the Communist Party

' As the NDP wave grew, QS activists joined the campaign and supported the NDP,  '

What social forces led to the NDP wave in Quebec? 
Written by Isa Al-Jaza’iri   
Wednesday, 27 July 2011

from the same article : ' It is urgent now that the party discuss the question of the NDP... The elections have changed the political landscape of Quebec, and Quebec solidaire cannot afford to ignore this. Now these new NDP supporters will need direction for the coming provincial election in 2012...The NDP has made mistakes.  
  • the trade unions have tended to back the PQ provincially and the BQ federally, both parties that we have shown do not represent the interest’s of Quebec’s workers.The way forward is clear, the trade unions must make a clean break with the parties of the capitalist class and together with the NDP and QS, must put forward a united front to mobilize a mass movement against the austerity.
  • This election, the NDP approached the national question very vaguely, which played to its favour. But in the future, it will not be possible to simply muddle through. The NDP parliamentarians have at times shamefully broken with the will of the party and its congresses and supported it (the clarity act), including Jack Layton in 2004. During this election however, the NDP stuck to its official position against the clarity act ...respecting the right to separate ... not stating how such a Canada would be different was passable this election, as workers were not looking too closely or asking too many questions. But the NDP will not receive such an easy ride in the future. 

  • involve the participation of rank-and-file members in every riding association to flush out how the NDP Quebec can work together with other forces in the province, especially the unions and Quebec solidaire, to fight against Harper’s austerity.
  • The NDP, Quebec solidaire, and the unions have to form a united front to fight against these attacks and put forward working class solutions to the crisis of capitalism.

Written by Julian Benson   
Thursday, 23 June 2011

  • The political status quo within the NDP itself was also shaken by this victory, and the convention has clearly brought to light the fault lines between the rank-and-file membership and the party establishment. A left-wing is beginning to emerge at all levels of the NDP

  • a deep cleavage within the party... the right-wing want to transform the NDP into a body that is acceptable to the Canadian establishment and jettison any past left wing policies... the right was temporarily defeated and forced to retreat ... there is a left-wing emerging from the rank-and-file Rumours of a loose left-wing grouping beginning to form in the parliamentary caucus were circulating at the convention, and there was a conscious realization that the broader left now needs to organize.(QS members of NDP Quebec i.e. Nycole Turmel et al ?)