The Modern Day Liberal (small "l")

"A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money"
G.Gordon Liddy

It's not easy to like G. Gordon Liddy, he of Watergate infamy, but it's also difficult to dispute the above statement. The modern day liberal has little in common with the classic liberal, who believed in individual freedom and responsibility and less government

Today's liberal believes pretty much the opposite.

The modern day liberal believes that government is more capable than any individual when it comes to fixing problems. The modern day liberal also believes that anyone who is wealthy must necessarily have acquired that wealth through nefarious means and ought rightly to be stripped of it. (that is unless they happen to be one of the wealthy) 

That money should then be handed over to the government who will then distribute it to people who are poor since the poor are always victims in our modern age. Nobody is ever poor because they didn't bother to get an education when a free one was at their disposal or that they didn't work hard enough or that they screwed up their own marriages and are now a single parent. Not a chance.

The poor are in dire straits because the successful have oppressed them and made them poor. If you are a thief or a drug dealer it's not your fault. It's the rich who have forced you into this life. Ergo, says the modern day liberal, we must take money away from those rich crooks and give it to the noble, honest, abused poor.

Unfortunately Canadians have become a nation of modern day liberals without even realizing it. We  have gone from being a nation of hard working, self reliant, community serving people to a country of government dependant belly-achers. It's no longer the poor who need hand-outs. It's now the middle class. 

After all the middle class has it tough too you know. Of course the middle class has it tough now. The middle class has been taxed nearly out of existence by the modern day liberal government structure in Canada so that now we must re-jig the tax structure to give the middle class a helping hand.

The basic philosophy behind the modern day liberal in Canada is to keep as many people dependant upon government as possible. We have convinced ourselves in Canada that not only is it permissible to take money away from people who have earned it and give it to people who haven't, it is our responsibility. Canadians have come to resent the rich and successful. 

We're no longer talking about simply helping out the poor and giving them a fresh start so they can make their own way in the world. We're talking about creating a lifetime of dependency. And it doesn't stop with the poor. It goes to the middle class, small business and even,(and in some cases especially) big corporations. 

Canadians are all at the government teat thanks to modern day liberalism, which is really little more than 1960's style socialism in disguise. Consider Michael Igantieff's campaign platform. More government, higher taxes, less freedom, fewer opportunities to create wealth. And now it is the NDP socialist turned 'liberal' Bob  Rae who will reconstruct the 'Liberal' Party in Canada. That sound about right? That's modern day liberalism, and you use a capital "L" if you wish. 

But the classic liberal free market thinker in Canada does not have a political party to represent his or her interests and that's a sorry state of affaires in a world where anything less is economic suicide. In Quebec we have the 'liberal' Charest government and a citizen's movement assembled to consider the important matter of government reduction and reform - www.liberte-quebec.ca

Adapted from the Original Post by Jeff Currier - www.takeonwpg.com