The Case FOR Citizen Advocacy for Political Stewardship

Political stewardship 
refers to  
elected leaders playing the role of political managers 
who are  
entrusted with the governance of a nation-state 
and its public resources 
which are the property of all citizens. 

What is Political Stewardship?
Stewardship is a term that describes the managerial role played by someone in managing another person\'s property. A steward is not the owner but only the manager. When applied to politics, in the context of a democratic environment, political stewardship refers to elected leaders playing the role of political managers who are entrusted with the governance of a nation-state and its public resources which are the property of all citizens

Elected officials and their appointees  
but do not own 
our nation-state and its public resources

When political governance is measured 
against the benchmark of political stewardship, 
citizens are able to see: 
Whether political stewardship is being practiced in one's nation-state; 
Whether elected officials conduct themselves as accountable managers for the nation-state or owners of the nation-state; 
Whether the management of public resources, tangible and intangible, is judiciously carried out for the benefit of all citizens; 
Whether a transparent management accountability system is in place for all citizens to inquire, evaluate and reflect in order to make informed decisions in regard to the performance of their elected officials.

Why is 
Political Stewardship 

In the absence of political stewardship, there will be increase or rise in tyranny and authoritarian control rather than management of the nation-state and it's resources, in direct opposition to the practice of democracy and the rule of the law.  
Tyrants operate under the belief that the nation-state 
and its resources are their private property. 

Any form of token civil government become their tools and  
the citizens become their servants. 

Law enforcement agencies and the military 
enforce dictatorial policies
Kangaroo Courts lend the illusion of legitimacy 
for dictatorial laws, legislations and 
the farce of judicial or public inquiry.
The economy of the nation-state becomes 
a private pie under the authoritarian control 
of tyrants and dictators 
to be shared among the family members, relatives, friends and cronies
Ordinary, hardworking, tax paying citizens find themselves competing for economic relief from their authoritarian government. 

This isn't 'political fiction'.  
This scenario is now, to varying degrees, a reality in many parts of the world.  
In a democracy, it is a natural consequence of unrestrained government 

The greater the lack of citizen oversight...
the greater the probability of political tyranny. 
Political performance measured against the benchmark of Political Stewardship 
is necessary to restrain government authority, protect individual liberties and 
provide citizen stakeholders with an unedited, transparent spin-free assessment 
of the political management of their nation-state

What is the Rational Core of Political Stewardship?
Political stewardship begins with a rational political ideology ingrained in the minds of all citizens. 
A rational political schema is one that establishes the citizens as the actual power base of a nation-state. 
All elected officials are managers entrusted to facilitate the implementation of the governing powers, in the best interest of all citizens of the nation-state. 

Political Stewardship is assured ONLY when :

Elected officials objectively represent the interests of all citizens of a nation-state. If elected leaders do not represent the entire nation-state, the result is social division, conflicts and extreme political polarizations. related reading : Secession - Ayn Rand   NDP accepts 50 +1 as majority for seperation

The resources of our nation-state are invested and managed judiciously by elected officials in a transparent and accountable manner. Any mismanagement, misuse or abuse of tangible or intangible resources of a nation state, results in the creation of debts that would have to be borne by current citizens and the unborn future generations of the respective nation-state. 

Do elected officials use their entrusted governing powers to protect or abuse the citizens? One clear-cut principle in political stewardship is that elected officials must never ever use the police or the military against peaceful and unarmed citizens.
It is like a manager using the company security guards to beat-up the company stakeholders over differences of opinion. A consistent breach of this principle, it is a sign that democracy in nation-state is being replaced by authoritarian control as a dictatorship emerges.

    Do officials once elected, start changing laws and legislations that will promote their continual governance, which would eventually lead to a perpetuation of a political dynasty. Whenever a single facet of a nation's law is changed, the question to ask is who benefits from it? If the answer is not the citizens, then, one can be assured that it is for the elected officials. And why should elected officials change the laws for their benefit when they are there temporarily as mangers for the nation?  The answer is simple. They intend to stay or they are making way for the creation of a dynasty!

    Do elected officials consistently use their entrusted governing powers to manipulate the judicial system of a nation-state?  When a judiciary becomes the rubber stamp and mouth-piece of elected officials, it loses its credibility to dispense justice for the people. And what can be expected from the process is the creation of kangaroo courts whose decisions are just predetermined announcements. A nation-state without justice eventually becomes a lawless nation.

      Do elected officials consistently use their entrusted governing powers to mute or influence the news media of a nation? When this happens, news becomes propaganda. A nation that lives on propaganda effectively renders it's citizens politically blind, deaf and dumb.

      To evaluate EVERY elected official and their appointees by the principles of political stewardship is to exercise the basic right of a citizen in a democratic society. 
      While it's possible for managers to become owners in private enterprise, when it happens subtley, gradually or with demonstrated blatant intent in a nation-state, 
      regardless of individual political affiliation
      – OUR democracy dies - 
      and is replaced by the authoritarian control of tyrants and dictators. 
      There is no grey area. 

      Protect yourself
      Assume PERSONAL responsibility
      Empower Yourself
      Get informed
      Be engaged
      Hold EVERY elected official accoutable to YOU
      Take action
      Advocate for political stewardship
      Safeguard democracy and the rule of the law.