Elliminate Social Parasites - A non-partisan working middle class mission

Who Will EXPOSE the Social Parasites Among Us... and who will STOP our government, our society, from CREATING them ... TOLERATING them ... PROTECTING them ?

DEFINITION : Relationship between two species in which one benefits at the expense of the other.
In social parasitism, one species parasitizes it's own species.Britannica Concise Encyclopedia:


In various countries at various times, especially during periods of social unrest, such as the French Revolution or Russian Revolution, whole social classes, such as the aristocracy, bourgeoisie and particularly rentiers were accused of living off unearned income, and hence declared parasitic, as opposed to the working class.

In her screenplay The Fountainhead, modern philosopher Ayn Rand contrasts the creators and parasites of a society through the protagonist Howard Roark:

The creator stands on his own judgment.
The parasite follows the opinions of others.
The creator thinks, the parasite copies.
The creator produces, the parasite loots.
The creator's concern is the conquest of nature.
The parasite's concern is the conquest of Man.
The creator requires independence - he neither serves nor rules.
He deals with men by free exchange and voluntary choice.
The parasite seeks power.
He wants to bind all men together in common action and common slavery.
... from Ayn Rand : The Fountainhead

What proportion of the population, unashamedly,now belong to one of these groups ?

I live at home with my parents and use their place like a hotel . They support me and I also receive benefits . I have never really had a job : I'm not working at the moment and, actually, have no interest in looking for work.

As above, but only because the school let me down . They let me play truant, disrupt classes, and let me ignore school work . So I left school barely able to read and write. Besides which, I don't really have any interest in working; no one would employ me in any case because, to be honest, I'm completely unreliable.

As above, but because I was sort of "autistic" or have one of those "disorders" which means I'm overactive or not active enough to be able to concentrate and do work . I also missed a lot of schooling because I was bullied.

I would work, but there's no jobs . All the jobs have been taken by immigrants .

Well actually, all the jobs available are only fit for immigrants. They involve too much hard work and don't pay enough . The jobs aren't interesting either.

I'm disabled ( It doesn't stop me doing the things I like doing, or even the odd job for a bit of cash -- I just can't work 9 to 5).

I am unmarried and have to look after my kids. Besides, I've been given low-cost subsidized accommadation and various benefits so (me, my boyfriend and our friends) pretty much spend the day as we please.

Any of the above, supplemented by a bit of cash in hand work, if you know what I mean (under the table) .
Any of the above,  plus a benefit fraud.
Any of the above,  plus a spot of "wheeling and dealing", and a bit of stealing etc..
Any of the above, but to be honest, I'm really a full time criminal
I'm not a Canadian citizen, I'm here simply to take advantage of your generous benefits and excellant support system.

And so on and so on , you can add your own categories .
While the political Left sees various kinds of elites who derive wealth through unearned means, such as the capital ownership class, as parasitic, the theories of various libertarian philosophers and free market economists from the political Right, such as Milton Friedman, have accused certain categories of non-working poor ("free riders" or "freeloaders") of being social parasites; likewise, since the creation of welfare states in the mid 20th century, some free market advocates have accused welfare recipients of being parasites. The parasites among us, exist in every social class, political party and business structure ... and the mission to expose and elliminate them is common ground on which every reasonnable moral individual voluntarily unites.It is the non-partisan issue for the working middle class. Do your part. Get informed - Speak out ...