When Culture Is Used To Control and Restrict

Just the idea that a government has the ability to 'mandate the culture of it's people' diminishes 'the identity' and 'mis-represents' the character of the very people supposedly being protected ... in a rational society, 'cultural identity' is maintained voluntarily, individually, shared by choice, honored through respect and advanced with pride... not force ... never 'civil control'. 

When 'force' is applied to the concept, it's no longer 'cultural preservation' but 'civil control', particularly when the people being controlled are members of the majority culture. 
I'm not referring to the necessity of requiring new immigrants to adapt to our culture and integrate into our society as a matter of residency. 
I am talking about our government defining the parameters of access and education to it's own citizen's and doing it through the promotion of fear and unqualified 'guilt'. 
Let francophones learn english if they want to and invite the world to experience a welcoming culture.
That is the heritage of Quebec ... a welcoming, generous, rich, satisfying, francophone culture - the jewel of North America ... not the angry, bitter, helpless, in need of protection, pitiful, dependant state described by those whose sole purpose is to impose 'control' on it's own people - to isolate them 'for their own protection'. 
If you really thought about it - that argument diminishes the culture - it does nothing to enhance it - unless you happen to like being controlled and referred to as 'little people' ... and I think not ... I know not ... because the francophone people I know are a far cry from being helpless or wanting to be protected from anything ... review your heritage.
They are strong, proud, self-sufficient people and given the chance, free of government intervention - innovative and extraordinarily capable. 
The idea of needing 'cultural protection' is a political fabrication created for 'political reasons'... politics is not culture, but governance is control ... period ... check your premise.
When you celebrate your culture and share it proudly, openly and fearlessly, and chose the parameters of your own life, speak for yourself and access every opportunity available to free-thinking people without imposed restrictions ... you are free and your culture is preserved.
Reject those with an alternative agenda ... your best interest is not their priority - their self-interest is .
My name is Monica Henry Chevanel ... I'm proud to be a bilingual free-thinking independant Canadian and I call the francophone Nation of Quebec my home.