Ron Paul on Bilingualism

Those who attack bilingualism are jealous & feel inferior

Q: Do you think that there would be a practical value of making English our official language?

A: Well, it’s practical because we can all understand each other. I sometimes think that those who attack bilingualism sometimes are jealous, & we feel inferior, because we’re not capable. But we should have one language. But we, as federal officials, as a congressman or a president, we only have authority over the federal government. So I think all federal things should be in English. But when it comes to bilingualism in schools or the states, under our Constitution, it really is permissible. And the states can decide that. But under the conditions that we have today, I think it is good and proper to have one language, which would be English, for all legal matters at the national level. But this doesn’t preclude bilingualism in private use or in education or in local government.
Source: 2007 Republican primary debate on Univision Dec 9, 2007 
Editor's note : In Canada - we have 2 official languages - and therefore they are both supported at the Federal Level ... Individual Regions can decide for themselves - BUT - 'this shouldn't preclude bilingualism in private use or in education or in local government' ... the voice of reason is Ron Paul.