STOP Discrimination against Canadian Anglo and Franco in Quebec

80,000 subsidized anglo immigrants REQUIRED for Quebec ?
I'm not against immigration either - when required.
--- I am for equal opportunity for all Canadians FIRST.
--- I am AGAINST subsidized hiring policies that give preference to one group - in this case immigrants - over another - in this cas...e Canadians and Francophone Québecois.
--- These jobs are not posted anywhere for Canadians to apply for.
--- These are subsidized jobs - meaning the government (you) will be paying part of the salaries for these people as well as the expense for moving them here and training them - particularly 'language' training.
--- Great as a last resort perhaps, after every qualified Canadian who wants to work, has been considered and hired.
--- These are presumably good paying jobs that young people in Quebec are leaving the province to find elsewhere.
--- Francophone students are denied the opportunity to have a strong english education - the government won't pay for it - so they leave the province to get it - but it's okay to bring english immigrants in, at our cost, and hire them - at our cost - instead of training our own people ? On what planet is that ok?
---I've been here 7 years - well qualified - experienced in my field - bilingual - Canadian - and this government took my position away from me because I am 'culturally inappropriate' - meaning I am an anglophone from Ontario - but it's okay to bring in immigrants to do the jobs they will not allow me to do ... because they come with 'subsidies' - how is that economically wise and morally acceptable ?
---There are students in Secondary 5 right now - anglophone and francophone - who should be able to train to assume these positions but even if they did, and in the case of a francophone student - could ---They would not be able to compete with the immigrants for these positions because the immigrants come with hiring incentives.
We're not talking about stopping immigration - we're talking about giving equal opportunity if not precedence to Canadians first - which this immigration project denies them.