Apathy or Fear

When the RLQ was organizing I heard Joanne Marcotte mention that there were people who were intrigued by a citizen movement, wanted to attend the conference but were afraid to openly commit.

I felt a pang of anxiety, followed by a sickening sense of recognition.

I had noticed a palpable hesitancy on the part of many people - people who will speak freely in private conversation - will perhaps encourage others to speak on their behalf - but will cringe at the thought of openly, publicly, fearlessly, expressing what is on their minds, defining their personal standards, or excercising the courage of their convictions.

Such a fear is the result of  forced dependance - the strategic eradication of the independant mind - a learned resignation to the irrational notion that any opposition or challenge - perceived or imagined - to standards established by the few for the supposed 'common benefit' of the many - is an act of treason against the collective - that ironically - each individual lives to support. The idea that any person who dares to live authentically - to expose themselves proudly as the rational autonomous being they are by the fact of natural law - is somehow counter-productive to their individual existance - is nothing short of a crime against humanity.

But I am also mindful of an infectious appetite for dialogue and connection rumbling across our cyber lives, among rebels, reformists - those who revere the sanctity of a reasonned mind and advocate it's development and preservation - celebrate it's diversity - they exemplify a restoration of the human spirit for those seeking to claim their individual purpose and joy.

Think - Face the Fear - Own your Life - Speak your mind - Often - Define your World