The Independent Taxpayer

The average independent tax payer is not a powerful executive, but we each realize we're entitled to what we earn and, as primary stakeholders in our nation, we expect to be consulted and informed, in every regard whenever our earnings are taken from us and spent for any reason, by each, every and any government we hire
Increasingly and inevitably, individuals come to realize that their future is being gambled away by political collectives whose only risk is losing the independent taxpayer vote.. 'Political Collectives' continue to believe that the tax payer is uninformed, certainly not independent and can be counted on to say NOTHING

Burdened by economic hardship and uncertainty; individual tax payers are forced to finance 'programs and projects' for the entire population -the needy and the greedy without distinction- forced to finance 'programs and projects' they may or may not support, may or may never need or benefit from. forced to finance 'programs and projects 'they know to be poorly managed, inefficient, costly and unsustainable. and apparently can be counted on to say NOTHING

These are rational productive people who believe that they are in the best position to control their own lives, plan their own futures, care for their own families. People with no inclination or desire to be a part of any 'collectivist group-think philosophy' that assumes an irrational claim to speak on their behalf. But still we are expected to say NOTHING

Statist populist political parties, have each bettered their elective potential through the creation of and alliances with an increasing number and variety of 'social dependencies' to deliver said 'programs and projects' that are now too big to fail or sustain'... special interests, lobbies, unions, bureaucrats, regional partnerships, not-for-profits etc. complete with a bureaucratic army required to maintain the massive web of broken government we have today. Every tax payer has been made dependant – forced to finance – without consideration or a voice ... and expected to say NOTHING

The big prize for vote-seeking politico however are program recipients - those who by necessity, lack of choice (real or imagined) or by a quest for the unearned are captive, dependant and controlled by the state and politicians who continue to promise more ...State-created dependants institutional or individual can after all, be counted on to vote for the hand that feeds them while the independent tax payer hardpressed to finance his own life are expected to say NOTHING

Politicians and lobbyists scheme behind closed doors to retain, expand or seek political power as their only priority. Through constant press conferences and official statements, they attempt to convince the populace of their legislation's necessity while vilifying any productive alternative proposed. They appear adamant that their own destructive, self-serving designs are the only 'reasonable' solution for stability, and progress. It is not a dialogue with individual tax payers - it is a dictate to be accepted unchallenged and obeyed. And it is ... by independent tax payers who say NOTHING

In the process they have managed to mortgage household budgets to unsustainable levels of indebtedness and mismanage an insatiable gluttony of vote-enticing inefficient dependence creating 'social programs' beyond anything this or future generations can be expected to financially support and sustain... their remedy for this self-imposed tragedy? Grant themselves greater power through opportune associations, increased regulations and rising taxes, revealing themselves more fully to citizens as nothing but self-serving villains...and still the Independent tax payer says NOTHING

For twenty years, the Bloc Quebecois dominated federal politics in Quebec.The national question loomed large over all other concerns, and this seemed a permanent feature of the reality in Quebec. The mainstream pundits and analysts were convinced that federalist NDP socialists were fooling themselves in the province, and nothing would change. But in the last federal election everything did change, suddenly, and all the old assumptions were turned on their heads.

Believing the social and political situation to be frozen in time mainstream media analysts were confused and completely lost: their assumptions floated disconnected from every indication of individual discontent that permeated across traditional party lines and the 'presumptive all important' national divide.

Politicians in the self-focused arrogance failed to question traditional beliefs or even attempt a real analysis of the developments in the very society they proposed to govern. the result of the last federal election was not a fluke but a demonstration of accumulating tensions and frustration among individual tax payers built over a prolonged period of time. What forces led to this event?

Then as now, mounting evidence of a changing reality was casually brushed away as the political elite - detached and unconcerned - positioned themselves and aligned their strategies with the goal of seducing the dependant masses they had created. They chose to ignore or perhaps did not even hear what the independent tax payer was saying

A superficial glance at society tells us nothing. Underneath all of the things that are normally taken for granted there are hidden processes at work. Dialogue, debate, the exchange of 'unspun' information continues to unfold unseen, among ordinary individuals, independent tax payers who will once again express themselves suddenly at the opportune moment, as they did in the last federal election

When placed in context, the turmoil that characterizes our reality, the increasingly over-stressed tax payer,can be attributed to “the culture of government entitlement” in Quebec. The socialist system is bloated and broken. The tax payer is no longer able or willing to blindly support it. There are without a doubt, 'divisions' in Quebec society but they exist between — the individual tax payer and the massive collectivist society we are forced to finance - divisions that cut across the national question. Tax payers have prioritized the 'national' issue and labelled themselves as “between” nationalism and federalism, instead demanding solutions to improve their personal situation, reduce and reform government because it is they who are obliged to finance a massive dependant society.

Today, we see our politicians are once again oblivious to the sentiments of the independent tax payer as they resort to old and in their minds, tested methods, to either whip up the national question, offer the illusion of it's reality - at some later date, or propose expanding the scope of 'social dependencies' beyond it's already intolerable limits. No system reform. No elimination of waste. No suggestion that 'personal responsibility is required from every citizen and every level of government. More of the same top down power-lust void of any desire to re-think the status quo and find solutions.

Gilles Duceppe declared that the federal election was not a battle between “left and right”, but between “Quebecois and Canadian”. He was wrong then and would still be wrong today. It is a battle between the interests of state-ravaged ill-served individual tax payer and the glutinous insatiable over-reaching excessive dysfunctional collectivist governance we are sub-subservient to.

For the mass of Quebec workers, the struggle for national liberation was never a fight to replace a belligerent anglophone elite who refused to recognize them as francophone with a belligerent francophone elite who exploits them in their own language - but this is the only tangible, concrete result the nationalist movement has offered over the past decades. And now that movement is decomposing

The real issue is “teaching” Quebec politicians in every party not to expect 'blind obedience' from the independent tax payer. We are no longer willing to be the submissive intimidated work horses of a promised but yet to be seen socialist utopia. They are not “entitled” to mismanage education for our children, They are not “entitled” to destroy our health care system. They must understand that, especially in this economy, there is no longer any money for the out of control unaccountable inefficient policies they have implemented over the last decades and for which they continue to hold each one of us responsible but without any authority to challenge.

Anglophone, francophone, allophone, sovereigntist or federalist Quebec’s tax paying public - individual citizens - not any gang's submissive collective - responsible capable productive people - are informed, engaged and agreed on the need for immediate policy reform, an overhaul of service delivery programs, cuts in government waste and jurisdiction as the only way to “save” the state and 'protect' the essential government programs that we finance and deem essential, from undisciplined abuse. The alternative - the death of the middle class - will be nothing short of the death of our entire society. A blind appeal for “our own country”, and “let’s talk about Quebec” will not inspire any confidence in the minds of tax payers, nor will any assertion that the same game played with different masters will yield better results.

Our own country? Seriously? Or Jean Charest’s et al’? Pauline Marois’ or Francois Legault’s? Amir Khadir and his collection of radicals and social dependents, the unions, special interests, lobbies, regional partners, corporate dictators, and every other parasitic socialist institution or gang that the past several decades has spawned. The individual tax payer is lost in such a maze - the needs of the tax paying public are not even considered relevant. The assumption is as it always has been - you work - you pay - but the collective 'others' decide how much and for what.

Each of these self-serving collectives will sabotage themselves by assuming that the individual taxpayer will simply get in line based on a superficial promise of the elusive independent Quebec, No. Taxpayers in Quebec were not inspired by this appeal in the last federal election. They did not follow and they will not follow now.

It is no coincidence that Quebec workers were attracted to the ONLY federal option for the working class. Quebec workers didn't vote with 'their' bosses. For the first time in three decades, anglophone and francophone Quebecois voted for the same party, the ONLY party AVAILABLE to them. A shift to be sure - given the independent tax payer has not yet found their independent voice in politics. It cannot be found , does not exist in any of the 'socialist collectives' we are offered as political options.But this is the first significant opportunity to build a society of individuals, founded in a common struggle to defend our standards of living. A third option.

Working class individuals from every area of society, forward thinking youth, perceptive retirees have come together, informally - without fanfare, to challenge and respond to the complete disconnect of those who, once again, aspire to power and risk our lives and our children s future. It is a healthy essential manifestation by self-sustaining individuals committed to fight for themselves and the individual economic interests of every citizen regardless of social position or language. The third option is YOU.

A party of rational individuals dedicated to realistic governance the individual tax payer has by necessity, been able to envision a different paradigm, define and adopt a new self-sustaining philosophy and have recognised the necessity of giving a new responsible road a try. The Third Option
Individual workers realize they have been used as 'pawns' in a 'socialist' power- grab spearheaded by opportunistic collectivists, as they face increasingly diminished standard of living while forced to finance unaccountable dependants and bloated inefficient programs, created and made essential by an all powerful intrusive state, in order to sustain their position of exclusive control and dominance.

The political beast and it's affiliated special interests/support systems are now more than ever in open conflict with the workers and youth they had inspired with dreams of a new country. Their slogan of “masters in our own house” is at once ridiculed as disconnected rhetoric and despised as the condescending political coercion it has always been.

There is a realization that in the current 'socialist' system, there is no money for necessary reforms There is no expectation that the economic burden of the wealth creators can be reduced. In fact the 'solutions' proposed and priorities set within current parties threaten to increase both individual tax payers obligations to the state as we carry an ever-increasing public debt while our unsustainable socialist utopia continues to expand unabated. The market is the true sovereign. Economic conditions which forced other socialists the world over to come into conflict with individual tax payers serves to drive home the fact that the contradiction between the interests of the collectives and the interests of the individualhas only grown.

The individual tax payer understanding that we are the economic power base are unwilling to be exploited by the incitement of fear, guilt or a lack of objective truth . Each of us must become aware of our individual economic rights, engage to restore and protect them and recognize every attempt to usurp them by any collective entity. Don't be ignored. Choose the Third Option - The alternative under any current banner is to allow the socialist collectives to run their course to their logical and time-tested conclusion - the great equalizer - a dependant subservient nation of 'have nots'. From now until the next provincial election the independent tax payer must make their voice heard – clearly and distinctly – above the drone of 2nd hand politics. Get informed. Get engaged. Define the Third Option – for yourself.