Fanatic or Advocate for Individual Freedom - You decide

It started as a Question ... I'm not going to use the name of the person I had this exchange with as it would serve no purpose – it could be anyone on the 'RIGHT' claiming to support FREEDOM in Quebeca particular brand of FREEDOM reserved for a selection of the population it would seem ... The conversation began in response to this article in the insightful bilingual journal The Prince Arthur Herald – an article about a cause I have supported from the beginning I might add ... 

The RIGHT : Le Prince-Arthur Herald a couvert notre action hebdomadaire de résistance contre le harcèlement israélophobe des amis politiques d'Amir Khadir, rue St-Denis à Montréal. Prince Arthur Herald article
ME : Do you plan a similar 'action de resistance' against the MPQ targeting anglophone (bilingual) Quebecois Canadians? ... or or does the tribe consider that sort of group or any anti-anglo sentiment to be acceptable Quebec nationalism ?

The RIGHT : There is no need to mix issues, which anyway are not similar. Our group of citizens, all volunteers who come from various ages and horizons, have more than enough to deal with as we're trying to prevent that bunch of racists to harm a store.

ME : WHAT! mix issues? enough to deal with? what about the 'racists' destroying the lives of anglophone citizens - we're an after- thought? deux poids - deux mesures ... OUR LIBERTY free of FORCED SEGREGATION as CANADIANS and QUEBECKERS is EVERY BIT as RELEVANT as the merchant in Montreal - and defense of ISRAEL ... THIS is exactly the hypocritical dismissive attitude I'm talking about - might work in an 'INDEPENDENT' Quebec but you aren't THAT yet and I still pay MY TAXES HERE! The sooner the RLQ understand that the more credible they will be and worthy of the term they use ' LIBERTY - for ALL of us ... not just the Francophone Tribe and their favoured causes ...

The RIGHT : I'm sorry, Monica, but you don't seem to get it. Yes, indeed, we have more than enough with that issue. As far as I know, there are not yet weekly harassment and demonstration by a bunch of thugs in front of stores that sells products made by English Speaking Quebecers. Also, the RLQ is not involved in our group, that is a group of citizens and that is also independant from any other existing movement of political association. ('Eric Duhaime, columnist and organizer of the Reseau Liberté Quebec is also a key member.') http://www.thesuburbannews.ca/content/en/7637
... there are countless articles online by the RLQ and indicating RLQs active support for this activity – activity I support – but it's not accurate to say that the Reseau Libert Quebec is not involved ... they are – and quite rightly – proud to be ... my point is that they are very selective in who they support.

ME : YOU"RE the one who doesn't GET IT - take your blinders off - raciscm is racism - you can't be SELECTIVE in who you support and call yourself a Freedom Fighter - I'd say 9 YEARS of DAILY EXCLUSION based on race - my bilingual Canadian race - is indeed consistent racism EVERY BIT as Relevant as any other - and there are many many other stories like mine ... WAKE UP ... you get no points for your selective defense and your refusal to acknowledge that which is happening as a matter of 'patriotism' everyday in this province ... the HYPOCRISY of the FRANCOPHONE Tribe is palpable ... you've learned your lesson well ... I'll give you that ...

La boutique de la Milice Patriotique du Québec 'Major' Provost
THE RIGHT : Monica, unfortunately you are among those who make the English speaking cause very unpopular. There is one thing I can't stand, it is fanaticism, no matter where it comes from. And your insulting statements and also the irrationality of your words are counter-productive. Again, show me a store that is targetted by thugs for the only reason its owner sells products made by English speaking quebecers, and I'll be the first to run there to counter-demonstrate. Otherwise, keep your gross insults for yourself. I'm signing off this surreal conversation.

ME : Fanaticism?!! are you delirious - I'm telling you that the CLD - a GOVERNMENT organisation - called my employer and told him that I was 'culturally inappropriate' to hold my employment position - because I was not 'from here' - and I was terminated - NEVER to work again because of the place of my birth - AND I AM THE FANATIC? ... MY ADQ MNA ignored 16 attempts to get his assistance. AND I AM THE FANATIC? ... I am a bilingual Quebecoise - integrated - no accomodatuion required - I am NOT an extremist - but neither am I a hypocrite ... and I am certainly NOT subjective or selective in my defense of LIBERTY for all QUEBECKERS ... english speaking cause? ... I am NOT a CAUSE sir - I am a TAX PAYING CITIZEN who meets every one of YOUR criteria for integration here - while YOU and those like you - continue to marginalize our legitimacy ... refuse to see your racist views - while touting yourself as a Freedom Fighter - who's freedom ? This conversation is done ...

This is an example of how bilingual and anglophone Canadians are marginalized here ... as Eric Duhaime uses his influence to worry about 'Quebec infrastructure' and DEMANDS that the Federal government fix the corruption in the Charest government ...
Eric Duhaime's demand of the Federal Government
and his Freedom Fighters support the cause of Israel - which is at least a defensible cause .. 
while continuing to IGNORE the plight of a legitimate segment of the population simply because it might be considered 'unpatriotic' among his 'followers' to do so ... deux poids - deux mesures ... the MPQ is domestic terrorism and anglophones in Quebec are their targets ... not a CAUSE - not Fanaticism - FACT

Freedom Party comprised of members from the RLQ – note that there is no english translation of their mission despite many many requests that it be inclusive of the entire population. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Parti-Libert%C3%A9-Freedom-Party/189419681127267?sk=wall&filter=1
  • The RLQ Facebook member page also lacks any indication of inclusion when in fact they could and should be 'trail-blazers' in this regard ... given their use of the word 'FREEDOM” ...and they did present English speakers at their conference such as Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Alliance to discuss 'Secession' ... economic secession ... not 'ethno-nationalist' secession which would of course be amoral. ... Ms Smith was heckled.https://www.facebook.com/RLQ2010?sk=wall&filter=1
This is my position on a FREE nation in case there is any clarity needed in regard to my 'fanatiscism' http://chevymo.blogspot.com/2011/09/une-nation-un-pays-libre-une-societe.html?utm_source=BP_recent

This is my position on what I feel is a correct and inclusive FREEDOM based alternative to the varioys but limited socialist and nationalist political options available to the Quebec voter .... on both the RIGHT and the LEFT of the political spectrum ...http://chevymo.blogspot.com/2011/09/independent-taxpayer.html

NOT Fanaticism ... inclusion of every tax paying individual in Quebec – regardless of place of origin or maternal language ... there are two official languages in Canada In Quebec - we live in French – but we are NOT a Nation of Francophone supremacy - civil discourse, political debate and representative governance in BOTH official languages is NOT an accommodation ... it is not even open to debate - it is a requirement ... a point of fact to be respected and reflected - Quebec on September 22, 2011 is still Canadian! EVERY political movement MUST act like it – in order to maintain credibility and legitimacy in a FREE Nation