The Campaign is Over

The NDP, acting in the best interest of the people they represent, rather than in their own (political) self-interest, have a duty to govern pro-actively within the scope of the reality in which they exist - meaning within the agenda of the governing majority with the goal of proposing, creating and implementing effective policy and delivering positive results to the Canadian people. 

The policies and promises of the NDP 'campaign agenda' can not be that of the Official Opposition, in their limited capacity. The NDP does not set the course of a majority governent. The NDP are not "a government in waiting". In fact, the NDP has less power, influence and leverage than they did as 3rd opposition. 

As indicated by the Prime Minister, his government will serve the interests of all Canadians. Those interests are conveyed and represented by elected members of parliament. Provincial governments must be considered and consulted. Collaboration is required from various interests. At the end of the day, proposed legislation from all sources is considered and implemented at the discretion of the governing majority.

Which is why 'tactics' designed to be 'divisive' or in some way 'coersive', for reasons of self-interst, political gain or media attention are not only an irresponsible neglect of purpose; such deliberately 'inciteful' distractions fall beneath the standard of performance we expect from our elected representatives, even those we have never met and whose 'qualifications' remain a mystery. We, the electorate, will not 'accomodate' reckless behaviour by the 'newly hired' even during their 'learning curve'. For example: 


Secession  is not an idea distinct to Quebec. 

Secession, for economic reasons is an entirely valid proposition for any region - if and when it is a feasible option and has a consensus from ALL the people living there. The idea has been debated in various regions, by differing groups, across the country at various points in time. 

But only in Quebec do the NDP and their newly minted MPs representing a portion of the Canadian electorate, assert that they will use their mandate as a vehicle to distort the legitmate option/goal of economic secession and suggest that it be uses as a political tool of coersion and division - leverage if you will. In this political environment is not only immoral, given that the NDP is a 'federalist' party and that secession is only valid if undertaken by the entire populace, the idea is irrational. To think that the NDP has the capacity to set the agenda is to deny the marjority of the Harper government.  

Regional Autonomy is a point at which the Harper government and the seperatists faction of the NDP share common ground - a goal promoted by the first and required by the second. A collaborative rather than adversarial approach is required to achieve results. Our economy is good but remains fragile and we require solutions not political diversions. The campaign is over.

We sent a clear message concerning the ineffectiveness of the Bloc. Our expectations for the newly elected NDP must at a minimum exceed that standard.