'Everybody else is' ... is NOT a valid reason to vote NDP

Things you need to know about the NDP. Their plans, their responses - their history :
  1. Fragile economy you wonder - 80% of what we produce goes to US, who's economy as we know - is in the dumper. Their budget deficit 1.5 TRILLION this year alone. The NDP PLAN to mitigate this risk is .... Jack? The one to Keep, Attract, Create new business & permanent jobs is ..... ?
  2. Companies who have booked revenue & investments due to Conservative government decreasing corporate tax rate will leave when NDP increase tax rates.  
  3. Jack doesn't have 1 orange cent invested in the (fragile) ECONOMY
  4. The NDP is effectively raising new taxes on you and me by $62.2 billion over the next 4 years. Hey Jack! THAT'S NOT OK with me. 
  5. When an NDP politician gleefully says he/she is going to raise corporate tax, they're really telling you is to bend over.
  6. In a side note - It can't be true that in 1985 (trusty) Jack Layton and his wife (the trustee) lived in subsidized housing (HLM) in Toronto while making a combined $120,000 year. That would be ....
  7. Back to the list ... I don't want to live in an NDP socialist paradise where the government taxes everything you earn.  Do you? Vote CPC and keep your money!
  8. How likely is it that an NDP led government will do to Canada what they did to Ontario during their reign of terror known as 'Rae's days'... drive away companies, capital and the entreprenuers who build an economy. Lessons learned people - consider lessons learned. Ours ... they don't even know the fault was theirs.
  9. Oh yes ... the good old "Rae Days" when the NDP brought Onatario so close to insolvency they had to shut down the governmentt to save money. (didn't Obama have to do something similar recently?)
  10. And because corporate tax increases our cost of all goods & services, the NDP socialists are bribing us with our own money. How clueless are we? LOL 
  11. Healthcare? The NDP were responsible for cutting back approximately 30% of the spots for medical students in Ontario during their reign 
  12. In fact NDP Socialism brought Onatario to the brink of collapse. Never Again! Time to turn that ship around.
  13. Union Jack has no way to accomplish the things he's promising other than sending us all to the poor house. The subsidized poor house complex of course.
  14. People in Ontario remember how the NDP destroyed their economy. The people of Saskatchewan have seen their economy boom after they tossed the NDP.
  15. In honor of all those trusting people destroyed by NDP incompetence, and all those many others that were thinking of bringing diaster to a new level ... this is for you : 
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Short - Very well written - including the comments - a must read for anyone considering voting for the NDP ... a quick reflection is all we ask ...