L'incohérence du Bloc québécois et ses dogmes - Extrait

THIS is not my post. I took the liberty of 'stealing' it so that I could share it.
I thought it was relevant given the upcoming federal budget and the fact that there may or may not be an election. Even the information is a little dated now, it serves as a part of my quest to understand the politcal environment here in Quebec and at the same time is an insightful reminder for everyone else as they consider their political options. So here is what I've learned :

Gilles Duceppe et ses bloquistes sont tout un phénomène. Ils voter contre le dernière budget fédéral de 2010-2011 qui a été déposé jeudi 04-mars-2010 par le ministre des Finances, Jim Flaherty, en prétextant que ce budget «ignore le Québec»!
Bref, ce ne sont là que quelques exemples de mesures  à lesquelles s’opposera le Bloc québécois. This said, I am still at a loss to understand exactly what it is the BLOC wants from Ottawa ... and what it is exactly they accomplish there.

A great blog that I have only just discovered and am happy to promote. You can find this article in it's entirety as well as many many other stories, facts and commentary. Enjoy !