This one's personal - I need to vent ...

My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat several months ago.
She lost consciouness several times and we leanred ahe was diabetic.
Sometime later, the erratic heart beat began and she was monitored to no avail and eventually had an attack at school and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance because St. Joseph is not equipted to handle such events.

She saw a cardiologist who indicated that there was a slight deformity but that nothing could be done about it at this time. She would have to live with her symptoms for th time being.

Just before Christmas she complained of pain, under her ribcage just below her heart. It persisted and we went for x-rays. The ribs were not involved but there was a 'mass' that would require further investigation.
An MRI would be scheduloed and we were sent home to wait for the call.

Prior to the MRI,  the nurse, while trying to collect blood, missed her vein twice causing severe pain and bruising. In that conditionshe was taken to the 'chamber' and proceeded to have a 'panic atttack'. No sedative or relaxant was offered. The test was cancelled.

Back home, the 'mass' continued to grow. I arranged an appointement with our family doctor, in the hopes than we could explain what had happened and reschedule the appropriate treatment.

Our doctor was alarmed to see what is now being referred to as 'a tumour' that is quite significant. He told us that a 'relaxant' needs to be administered prior to the MRI and that under no circumstances should my daughter be 'tied' to the stretcher inside the MRI chamber - I assume because of the location and prominence of the growth. We were sent home to wait for the rescheduled MRI which is now supposedly a priority.

That was 7 days ago and today that 'tumour' is the size of a grapefruit.

The school nurse told us that our daughter is no longer able to climb the stairs at school.
She advised us to take our daughter to the emergency room at a hospital in Levis which is outside of our territory. The nurse has no authority to schedule such an examination but like me is going on instinct rather than any consideration of 'administrative protocol'.

I called Levis and was assured we could wait a few more days. I don't want to over-react and unecessarily alarm anyone, including my daughter or myself. She has no fever and is not in any way incapacitated except of course for the discomfort caused by the 'mass' and it's location.

It is the rapid growth I find most alarming ... not to mention the fact that it just doesn't belong there - whatever it is - and I want it out ... now ... We will wait 1 more day for a call ... I cannot go beyond that ... I will not allow my daughter to go beyond that ...