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RE: I am neither Radical or Extreme ... but I am RIGHT
LOL - Please click the article title to 'vote' on the RLQ page - it won't help me if you 'like' it here ... LOL ... and I still want to 'win the tickets' and join the citizen movement at the 2nd RLQ Conference in Montreal on April 16, 2011 ...... it's also important that other 'anglos' - even the bilingual ones like myself - submit their articles, thoughts and comments - the return to responsible governance is everybody's business - right, left, franco, anglo, allo and other ... speak up !
Thank for the support !!! But I really do feel that it is the MESSAGE that is important - mine as well as everyone else that is writing on this and every other subject - moving governance from a position of authoritarian dominance to accountable, transparent efficiency is neither radical or extreme - but it is necessary - and it is 'ordinary people' who will ensure it happens. Get involved and be heard ... Contribute - Participate - Inform Yourself - and YES - please VOTE ...